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Oak Bay Bikes proudly supports local organizations, with the goal of improving access to cycling and contributing to the local community's well-being overall.  We have a long-standing history of supporting many meaningful local organizations, as well as cycling clubs & teams, including:


Meet the SJA, Div 176, Bike Brigade

These #healthcare heroes volunteer their time to provide front line care at approximately 200 events in the CRD each year.  Squad members carry kits containing everything needed for medical conditions, and minor and major trauma, including anti-epileptic drugs and oxygen. 

If you’ve ever participated in the Victoria Good Life Marathon, the Times-Colonist 10K, or local fundraising walks and cycling races, chances are you've benefited from their support!

So.....when we heard the bike brigade was in need of new bike supplies, we jumped at the chance to help them out. We kitted their bikes out with new front and rear lights, and paniers, so they can carry all their gear, and get around safely.

We’re honored to be able help these #healthcareheros so they can continue their important work in our community.

Learn more about SJA Div 176


We love supporting the local community as often as possible.  If you are part of a community organization, cycling club, or event and are looking for our support, we would be happy to hear from you.  Please send us the details of your event, including primary source of funding, dates, and how you're hoping we can help. Send requests to We will do our best to reply in a timely manner.

While there are many local causes worthy of support, we simply cannot fulfill every request we receive.  Get in touch and if we can help out; we will!