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1.) Choosing the right bike for you:

This buyer’s guide is designed to help you with your online bike purchase.

Below are the main bike categories, with descriptions to help give a better idea of what will work best for you. Within each bike category there are sub categories to address more specific riding needs.


Lightweight and aerodynamic with a more aggressive geometry and drop-bar riding position, these bikes are designed for speed and efficiency over both short and long distances.


Large tire clearance, wide-range gearing, and tons of mounts for accessories and gear make these drop-bar bikes ultra-versatile and ultra-capable on all surfaces: road, gravel and light trail riding.


These bikes feature either front suspension or front and rear suspension, wide and knobby tires, and super low gearing to ensure that you can tackle whatever terrain you encounter on the trails. 


Combining the efficiency of a road bike with the neutral, more casual and upright riding position of a mountain bike, these bikes ensure that you can traverse the city, efficiently and comfortably.


Whether you're commuting, mountain biking, or out for a road ride, the addition of an electric motor helps increase your distance and speed beyond what may have seemed possible. Whatever type of riding you’re doing, there is an e-bike for you:  road, mountain, commuter, and cargo.


Whatever you need to haul, a cargo bike can get you and your cargo there. A true car replacement, these bikes make picking up the kids, grocery shopping, or making deliveries a breeze.


Wheel sizes ranging from 12-24 inches, coaster and handbrake options, and even small-size mountain bikes mean finding the right bike for your child has never been easier!

Still Unsure of What Bike Will Work for You?

Don't worry, we are available to guide you through every step of your online bike purchase via live chat, email or phone.

Live chat with us during open hours (10am-5pm PST) Mon-Sat.

Email us at:

Give us a call at: 250-598-4111 ext. 3

2.) Bike Sizing:

Every brand has their own sizing chart/guide, typically based on the rider's height. A few simple measurements, namely your height and inseam, are crucial for narrowing down which size will fit the best.

Our catalog listings online include sizing information for each model based on the brand's sizing recommendations. Still have questions?  We are always available to help with this process via live chat, email and phone.

Understanding Bike Sizing:

Bike sizing is straightforward but some terms and interpretations are good to understand. Truth is, many riders could “fit” 2 sizes, say either a small or medium.  This is where your personal preference and comfort comes in. Bike sizing revolves around the frame size for people over about 4’10” and wheel size for those less than that (e.g., children). Frame size is measured by the length of the seat tube, and wheel size is the diameter of the wheel.

To figure out bike sizing, start with your own height, which gives a good starting point, and is the measurement used by most bike manufacturers on their size charts. Next, measure your inseam. This measurement will help determine if the bike’s stand over height will work for you. As the name implies, this is the distance from the top tube of the bike to the ground. Thus, to comfortably ride the bike, you should be able to “stand over” this distance and your inseam should be larger than this stand over height. With kids bike sizing, this guideline can be more loosely interpreted, considering imminent growth spurts. (See stand over height diagram above)

The “right” frame size ensures the most effective pedaling leg extension is possible, which is a slight bend in your knee at the bottom of the pedal stroke, foot parallel to the ground. This is achieved through raising/lowering the seat.

The correct frame size also ensures a comfortable position for the upper body, which changes as the handlebars move closer and further, up and down. This is where personal preference is dominant. Generally, bars higher than the seat is for casual, easy going riding, bars the same height is a balance of efficiency and physical demand and bars lower than the seat is a performance oriented setup.  Handlebar height is not usually as relevant for children’s bikes.

3.) Getting the bike to you:

Once you've found the right bike, we offer three options to get it to you:

We offer FREE in store pick up and FREE local delivery on all bikes, as well as Canada-wide shipping (fees vary) on select brands!

1.) In-Store Pick Up - As soon as your bike is ready to go, you will receive a notification letting you know. In-Store Pick up is available any time during open hours, whenever is convenient for you.

2.) Free Local Delivery - When your bike is ready for delivery, we will contact you to set up a date and time that works for you. Upon delivery, we will help set up the bike and answer any questions you may have. Free local delivery is available for the whole peninsula and west shore. Sorry, we don’t currently deliver to Sooke, Duncan, or beyond. 

3.) Shipping - If you aren't in Greater Victoria, we offer shipping to your door anywhere in Canada. Although an additional charge, we work to make it as cost effective as possible by working with multiple carriers and courier services to get your new bike to you.

Shipping only: When the bike arrives:

Bikes arrive partially disassembled: We build the bike for you and then do as little disassembly as possible to re-box it for shipping. Upon arrival, you will need to attach the wheels and handlebars at a minimum. We will provide you with support with a service technician via live chat, Facetime, or Zoom to provide additional assistance as needed.

4.) Post-purchase support

If you have any questions or need any assistance with anything related to your new bike, please contact us. Whether it's figuring out how to change ebike settings, a warranty issue, or mechanical help, we can answer your questions and get you the help you need.

Prefer to work with someone in person? All of our bikes use universal standards and can be maintained and repaired by any local bike shop. Want us to recommend a shop in your area? We can help with that too! We are here for you throughout your entire bike journey, 
to serve you and your bike better.