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Valet Bike Parking

It's like a coat check – for bicycles.

We live in a time when destination events should expect attendees to arrive by bike. 

Oak Bay Bicycles has bike parking gear for up to 1000 bikes. You may have seen our bike parking set up at major events like Canada Day, Tour de Victoria, Oak Bay Tea Party and Rock the Shores, to name a few. 

Easy to setup and easy to use, we’re offering a solution to an evolving problem. As always, we’re leading the industry through forward thinking and commitment to cyclists. 

We’ve got an inexpensive solution to help you ensure your event is bike friendly. 

Are you looking for an easy bike parking solution?

We are happy to work out what works best for you! We always give special consideration for charity events.

Email: | Phone: +1 250 598 4111


— One rack/pole is about 3.5 feet wide and 10 feet long and hangs a maximum of 9 bicycles.

— To service the racks a minimum of 8 feet or a convenient 10 feet space is needed in between the rows.

— Currently, we have parking for approx. 1000 bikes ready to go!

— The parking gear is designed to be easily assembled as well as it can be extended almost endlessly –lengthwise.