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Norco VFR 4 Step-Thru
If you're looking to get around town, enjoy a sunny summer day, and get a bike that can take you?places,?look no further than the VFR.? This lightweight aluminum wonder provides the quality, performance and versatility you need to meet your fun and fitness goals.? The VFR’s premium double butted aluminum frame combines road performance?and hybrid comfort for the best of both worlds. It’s quick, adaptable, and easy to get out of the house for a quick ride, or day-long excursion. The VFR features internally routed cables which look great, provide a quiet ride, and keep crucial mechanical systems away from the elements, which means longer intervals between maintenance and less trouble down the road. Rigid forks are lightweight, require no regular maintenance and provide precise handling – exactly what you need when you’re zipping around town and tracking your workout.
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