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14-Inch (3-5 yr. old)

KEY FEATURES: - JR14 Coaster#Alloy 606 - Rigid Fork / HiTen - Single Speed - F: V-Brake R: Coaster Your first cool bike. The SCOTT Roxter 14 will make you want to ride bikes for the rest of time! Please note that bike specifications are subject to change without prior notice
The Storm 14 SS provides simple upkeep and operation that'll help young riders find the best line and stop on a dime. Get good on a fully rigid rig with Storm. The Storm 14 SS's lightweight, durable aluminum frame and fork combine with a simple, lightweight drivetrain, quality linear pull brakes and optimized fit for riders from 3'9" to 4'3", building and a love for dirt that’ll last a lifetime. REASONS IT'S RAD - Beautifully crafted for light weight and durability. - Easy gearing for quicker starts and easy climbs. - Quality brakes with short reach levers. - Models to meet the needs of every young rider.
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