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Digging into the new Norco Sight and Optic

The long anticipated high-pivot redesign has arrived. 

Same Names, New Confidence.

Norco's Sight and Optic have both been completely redesigned for 2024, with an all new suspension design as the star of the show. The Optic also gains aluminum frame and mixed-wheel options for the first time, and the Sight follows suit with mixed-wheel and 29er builds available for every model.

Norco VPS High-Pivot Suspension

Norco's VPS High-Pivot suspension design takes the VPS suspension found on the previous-generation Sight and Optic and moves the main pivot connecting the chainstay and front triangle higher on the frame to achieve an increased amount of rearward axle path through the suspension travel. This change allows better performance on square edge hits and helps maintain control and keep you on line as trails get rougher and more technical. An idler pulley is used to manage chain growth resulting from the rearward axle path, and the idler location can be altered to tune anti-squat, which resists the bike's tendency to load the rear and unload the front suspension under acceleration, and balance between feedback at the pedals and efficient pedalling feel under acceleration. Anti-rise is moderated by controlling the location of the virtual instant center through suspension travel to control load transfer to the front of the bike under heavy braking while maintaining plush suspension tracking in rough terrain. 

Optic: Playful Precision

When the redesigned Norco Optic first appeared in 2020, it set a new standard for short travel bikes and picked up a Pinkbike bike of the year award, showing just how fun coupling progressive design with short-travel suspension could be. In its latest generation, the same 125/140mm travel is carried over, but the new suspension design means it's even more capable without losing the playfulness and fun the Optic is known for.  Brand new aluminum frames mean the Optic is more accessible than ever and the unique C2 MX offers small-wheel maneuverability and agility to push the playfulness to a new level.

Sight: All-Mountain Evolution

The Sight, Norco's classic 160/150mm all-mountain bike, has long been a go-to for comfortable, capable performance on any BC trail. With addition of the VPS high-pivot suspension design, the Sight's capability and composure on the roughest trails is pushed even higher. Replacing the previous generation's 27.5 wheeled builds are mixed-wheel setups, available for every model in the lineup (and switchable to 29 and vise-versa with the Norco Missing Link), preserving the small wheel agility while adding 29er confidence up front. As before, aluminum and carbon frame options coupled with multiple build kits mean there is a spec and price point for everyone. 

New Norco Sight and Optic at OBB

New Sights and Optics have have now arrived at Oak Bay Bikes - Shop the new arrivals below!