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We think bikes are going to change our world. 

It’s kind of a big deal and we take it seriously.

Whether it’s years of experience, parts, inventory, free pick-up/ drop-off and turnaround time on repairs -or bike parking solutions, you cannot have your bike better cared for in Victoria.

Our Service Department is an industry leader.

Every incoming bike is inspected by a qualified service writer who will work with you to insure you know your options and have confidence in the plan. Every bike and rider combination is unique and our goal is to serve your specific needs best.  

The only constant is our uncompromising professional approach.

Got an e-bike? We’re your shop. We are Shimano, Bosch and Trek certified so you can have your new bike technology serviced by folks who have added the most up to date technical knowledge to Oak Bay Bicycles' 85-year history of servicing bikes.  

Call us. Talk to the Service Writer. Their job is to keep you rolling. 

Questions? Arrange for pick-up/drop-off? Or book an appointment?

Call +1 250 598 4111 or send an email