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POC Ventral SPIN

POC Ventral SPIN
  • Color: Apophyllite Green Matt
  • Color: Hydrogen White Raceday
  • Color: Prismane Red
  • Color: Uranium Black Matt
  • Color: Uranium Black Raceday
  • Color: Lead Blue Matt
  • Color: Lt Agate Red Matt
  • Color: Propylene Red Matt
  • Color: Sulfur Yellow Matt
  • Color: Uranium Black/Sulfur Yellow Matt
  • Color: Moonstone Grey Matt
$349.99 - $350.00
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Aerodynamic performance, safety, and ventilation do not need to come at the expense of each other. By using our whole-helmet approach to development, we have been able to deliver unparalleled levels of aerodynamic performance, safety, and ventilation without compromise in the Ventral SPIN.

Airflow zones allow the helmet to pass through the air with greater efficiency, making it faster. Residual air traveling around the helmet is managed by the 22° aero trailing edge, the perfect angle for minimizing turbulence, further improving aerodynamic performance. By leading air through rather than around the helmet, its wake is minimized, while its ventilation and cooling properties are enhanced.

Other features of our whole-helmet approach include a fully wrapped unibody shell with an EPS liner for the ideal balance between weight and protection, SPIN (Shearing Pad INside), our patent-pending silicone-pad technology, a lightweight adjustment system, and an ergonomic precision strap for a flexible, comfortable, and secure fit.

- Unique aerodynamic design optimized with CFD testing for enhanced aerodynamic performance and minimal air turbulence.
- Helmet integrated with patent-pending SPIN (Shearing Pad INside) pads
- Accelerated airflow zones, inspired by the Venturi effect, to reduce fluid drag.
- Extreme cooling and ventilation due to innovative airflow design.
- High-performance EPS liner with targeted and optimized density to provide the ideal balance of low weight and crash protection.
- Fully wrapped unibody shell construction to increase safety and helmet integrity.
- Lightweight size-adjustment system for a personalized fit.
- Easily adjustable precision straps molded into the helmet liner for extra comfort and safety.
- Eye garage to keep your sunglasses securely in position when placed on the helmet.

Head Circumference
Small 50 – 56cm
Medium 54 – 59cm
Large 56 – 61cm

Part Numbers

Option UPC MPN Store SKU
Apophyllite Green Matt / Small 07325541003536 PC106371585SML1 VEN38340472L
Apophyllite Green Matt / Medium 07325541003529 PC106371585MED1 VEN38170892D
Apophyllite Green Matt / Large 07325541003512 PC106371585LRG1 VEN38113428G
Hydrogen White Raceday / Small 07325540978118 PC106371034SML1 VEN38918178L
Hydrogen White Raceday / Medium 07325540978101 PC106371034MED1 VEN38742730D
Hydrogen White Raceday / Large 07325540978095 PC106371034LRG1 VEN3859988G
Prismane Red / Small 07325540978262 PC106371118SML1 VEN29377347L
Prismane Red / Medium 07325540978255 PC106371118MED1 VEN2985468D
Prismane Red / Large 07325540978248 PC106371118LRG1 VEN29154981G
Uranium Black Matt / Small 07325540978200 PC106371037SML1 VEN34683910L
Uranium Black Matt / Medium 07325540978194 PC106371037MED1 VEN34952047D
Uranium Black Matt / Large 07325540978187 PC106371037LRG1 VEN3483009G
Uranium Black Raceday / Small 07325540978149 PC106371035SML1 VEN37238595L
Uranium Black Raceday / Medium 07325540978132 PC106371035MED1 VEN3744936D
Uranium Black Raceday / Large 07325540978125 PC106371035LRG1 VEN37657833G
Lead Blue Matt / Small 07325549971288 PC106371589SML1 VEN3070409L
Lead Blue Matt / Medium 07325549971271 PC106371589MED1 VEN30359124D
Lead Blue Matt / Large 07325549971196 PC106371589LRG1 VEN30343608G
Lt Agate Red Matt / Small 07325549946156 PC106371132SML1 VEN32775439L
Lt Agate Red Matt / Medium 07325549946149 PC106371132MED1 VEN32519444D
Lt Agate Red Matt / Large 07325549946071 PC106371132LRG1 VEN32572605G
Propylene Red Matt / Small 07325549971158 PC106371128SML1 VEN34822744L
Propylene Red Matt / Medium 07325549971097 PC106371128MED1 VEN34965491D
Propylene Red Matt / Large 07325549971080 PC106371128LRG1 VEN34472479G
Sulfur Yellow Matt / Small 07325549971189 PC106371323SML1 VEN34111966L
Sulfur Yellow Matt / Medium 07325549971172 PC106371323MED1 VEN34121423D
Sulfur Yellow Matt / Large 07325549971165 PC106371323LRG1 VEN34665067G
Uranium Black/Sulfur Yellow Matt / Small 07325549971387 PC106378345SML1 VEN46225794L
Uranium Black/Sulfur Yellow Matt / Medium 07325549971295 PC106378345MED1 VEN4674015D
Uranium Black/Sulfur Yellow Matt / Large 07325549961807 PC106378345LRG1 VEN46560640G
Moonstone Grey Matt / Small 07325549971073 PC106371046SML1 VEN35489885L
Moonstone Grey Matt / Medium 07325549971066 PC106371046MED1 VEN3594602D
Moonstone Grey Matt / Large 07325549971059 PC106371046LRG1 VEN35693967G