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iXS Trigger Knee Guard
The Trigger models manage without hard shells and are therefore light and with its asymmetrical design extremely comfortable to wear. They are ideal for somewhat harder use and, with the integrated Xmatter padding concept provide high impact absorption and protection. With the Trigger we introduce product properties like exchangeable padding, structurally improved AeroMesh of newest generation offering a higher level of comfort and structural strength. - Xmatter Protection Foam (exchangeable) - Asymmetrical Design, Left And Right Specifically And Individually Formed For Improved Comfort. - Anatomically Formed For Improved Comfort, Flexibility And Function - Aeromesh, Light, Moisture Wicking, Breathable, Anti-bacterial, Added Structural Strength, High Level Of Comfort - Looplock Closings - Silicon Stopper - En1621-1:2012 Certified
iXS Trigger Lower Protective Liner
The Flow upper body protective vest is specifically designed for enduro and trail riding. It features certified and removable Xmatter protective foam pads, positioned to specifically protect the spine and larger surface area of the back. Two small, integrated stash pockets are designed to pack essential tools. This product features a tight fit with an agronomical cut and is secured with an elastic FlexZip center-front zipper that comfortably bends and moves with your range of motion. The materials have a high level of moisture wicking and breathability, ensuring all day comfort while you ride. - Protective Xmatter foam at back - FlexZip zipper that bends and flexes with movement - Stash pockets - Available in youth sizing
iXS Trigger Race Knee Guard
The Trigger knee guards are the best option when looking for a light yet technically advanced form of protection that still requires more demanding use from riding. Developed for rough terrain, the Trigger knee guards comfortable weight comes from the integated Xmatter padding that was developed to deliver high impact absorption and protection in a lightweight package. The asymmetrical design promotes ergonomic comfort and flexibility while also preventing slippage during pedalling. Moisture wicking, antibacterial properties of the AeroMesh promotes high breathability and all-day riding comfort. These guards allow you to remove the padding should you need to throw the sleeve in the wash or replace padding which has lost its structural integrity. - Ergonomically formed Xmatter protection foam (exchangeable) - Low friction impact shells to absorb and distribute impact - Asymmetrical design - Anatomically formed for improved comfort, flexibility and function - AeroMesh light, moisture wicking, breathable, anti-bacterial - LoopLock closures - Silicone stopper - EN1621-1:2012 (L1)
iXS Trigger Upper Body Protective
The Trigger upper protective jersey is designed for heavier terrain and competition. It features a certified Xmatter protective foam where heavy impacts must be absorbed such as back and shoulders and additionally with elbow protection. A NockOut absorbent padding protects chest and ribs. A tight fit, an ergonomic cut and a high level of moisture wicking and breathability provide highest comfort and safety. EN1621-2:2014 L1 (Back) / EN1621-1:2012 (Elbow) certified. - Xmatter Protective Foam At Back And Shoulder (removable) - Nockout Absorbent Padding At Chest And Rips - Lightweight, Compact, Moisture Wicking And Breathable - Flexzip, Stretchable YKK Zipper For Increased Ergonomic Comfort - Adult-sized
iXS X-Matter E01 Elbow Pad (Carve/Flow)
Xmatter elbow pad, EN1621-1:2012 Material composition: 100% PU Conformity: - EN1621-1:2012 (L1) - REACH: EN14362-1:2012, EN14362-3:2012, PFOS/PFOA (SGS Taiwan Ltd.)
iXS X-Matter K01 Knee/Shoulder Pad (Carve, Trigger Upper/Flow Knee)
Xmatter knee pad A-Type short, EN1621-1:2012 - Material composition: 100% PU Conformity: - EN1621-2:2014 (L1) - REACH: EN14362-1:2012, EN14362-3:2012, PFOS/PFOA (SGS Taiwan Ltd.)
iXS X-Matter Pair K03 Knee Pad (Trigger)
Xmatter asymmetrical knee pad, B-Type long, EN1621-1:2012 - Material composition: 100% PU Conformity: - EN1621-1:2012 (L1) - REACH: EN14362-1:2012, EN14362-3:2012, PFOS/PFOA (SGS Taiwan Ltd.)
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