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Road, Gravel, Cyclocross

Any bike on a road is a road bike, ..

.. here, we focus on light and swift drop bar, pavement oriented (but not pavement specific) bikes. They might be classified as road racing bikes or endurance bikes, but they’re intended for the traditional road riding experience: smoother roads and higher speeds with a premium put on low weight, high stiffness, and vertical compliance.

NORCO Section

The Section is built for riders who ride all day and are in it for more than the scenery. This aluminum all-road machine is built around big tires and a strong, lightweight X6 butted aluminum with geometry and features that won’t let any road interrupt your rhythm. The frame’s pedalling efficiency combines with its adaptability to offer riders all-day performance that is engineered to smooth out rough roads so you can keep your head down, and your legs churning out the watts – no matter where you ride.

TREK Domane

The Domane is the smartest, fastest, and most versatile endurance road bike Trek has ever made. It has an all-new, more aerodynamic frame and the same road-smoothing IsoSpeed tech that lets you ride longer with less fatigue—along with new integration features that make it the perfect all-around road bike for most road riders.

SCOTT Addict

Utilising hollow structure technology to keep material and weight to a minimum, the Scott Addict RC 15 Ultegra Di2 Disc Road Bike is exceptionally light yet won’t compromise comfort and stiffness either. Syncros finishing kit completes the build and Shimano Ultegra Di2 electronic gears are deployed to keep your shifting sharp

Adventure -or gravel bikes ..

.. are built to blur the lines between mountain bikes and road bikes. They love pavement, they love gravel, they love dirt, and that’s good because you might come across all of those surfaces during your ride. They typically have a drop bar, mechanical or hydraulic disc brakes, and wheel sizes with clearance for a variety of tire sizes. And many adventure touring bikes are equipped to handle a dropper post.

NORCO Search | XR 

If there is such a thing as a “do-it-all” bike, the Search XR might be it. This slick, but hardy adventure-seeker blurs the lines between mountain and road, and pushes the limits of what you can expect from a drop bar bike. With its generous tire clearance, rack, fender and bottle mounts, and lightweight adventure frame, the Search XR thrives off the beaten path and opens every ride up to whatever road and trail your heart desires.

TREK Checkpoint 

The Checkpoint isn’t just a gravel bike—it’s the perfect two-wheeled companion for your group road ride, your daily commute, and those days when you don’t know where the road (or trail) will take you. It has the versatility to handle any combination of accessories so you can go off the beaten path, and carry everything you need. Or, want a bike that can tackle the exciting world of non-paved racing?The Checkpoint is fit to take on everything.

Cyclocross bikes ..

.. with tight geometry and gobs of mud clearance show manufacturers have returned to building race-specific machines. The 1x drivetrain eliminates at least one mechanical of the race equation. Practice your suitcase carry and sharpen your clip-in chops: Participating in the gritty, brilliant sport means muddied-up drivetrains and the occasional tumble, so you’ll want a bike that’s purpose-built to handle the abuse and put you on the podium. 

NORCO Threshold 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the rugged landscape and abundant precipitation of Canada’s Pacific Coast is pretty much the perfect place to develop and perfect a cyclocross bike. The Threshold revels in the muddy mayhem of cyclocross because that’s where it was proven – the muddy mayhem of BC – the Threshold delivers podium-seeking speed along with all the versatility you expect from a ’cross machine while you’re wondering how one hour can take so long and hurt so good.

TREK Boone 

The Boone 7 Disc is TREK's lightest, fastest cyclocross bike. It charges over barriers, through mud and sand pits, and can handle a heavy dose of beer spray from its top spot on the podium. This is TREK's highest-end cyclocross build, with front and rear IsoSpeed, hydraulic disc brakes for all-condition stopping power, and a race-ready 1x11 drivetrain.

Wanna try before you buy and hit the gravel before laying down the money?

We have a small demo fleet for exactly that - for you to find out what fits and feels good.

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