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We originally took on Ibis because we thought one mountain bike brand from Santa Cruz, California wasn't enough, we needed another. But then when the bikes showed up, it turned out they were pretty sweet. The Ripley is the 42-year-old brand's trail bike, with 130/120mm travel and an emphasis on pop, snap, speed, and fun. This particular bike is the SLX build in Bad Apple red, and with Ibis SLX really means SLX: derailleur, shifter, brakes, cassette, and chain are all SLX. This build kit is topped with solid and standout component choices like Fox Factory suspension front and rear, a Bike Yoke dropper, and Cane Creek 40 headset.

Back to the ride: Victoria's tight twisty trails and descents punctuated by surprise climbs mean that a snappier bike is a great match, and that's exactly what the Ripley is. Maybe it's a trail bike, maybe it's a downcountry bike, but either way the geo and travel is in the sweet spot to both rip an XC trail and keep you out of trouble on something a bit steeper and chunkier. If you're lamenting how big and slack shorter travel bikes keep getting, take the Ripley for a rip. Even if you don't feel that way, try it out. You just might like it.

Fox Factory 34 fork keeps the front end light and under control. 

Ibis recently debuted this new logo, inspired by their namesake bird.

Suspension by Dave.

Cool swoopy shock mount.

Components are all SLX on this Ripley. There's that bird logo again.

Candy apple red looks good next to that caramel apple Fox Kashima coating. 

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