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About Us

Serve you and your bike better

Our mission statement has summarized our approach since the store’s beginning in 1934.

Lots has changed and continues to change, but as long as we stay true to our heritage you will be well looked after. We're committed to every cyclist and firmly believe it’s the rich diversity of riders that make cycling so fantastic. Put these riders in an area like southern Vancouver island and you have a mix we at Oak Bay Bicycles sincerely cherish.

I took over the helm in 1988 and have guided the store through the continued evolution of bicycles. The industry is blessed with many passionate and capable people, and I have dedicated many of my efforts to ensure that OBB is represented by the best: people who love bikes, ride what they sell and service, and are genuinely excited about helping people make the right selections. The degree of our place in your cycling life is yours to decide, and please take confidence that no matter how small or large our involvement, my desire is to serve your needs to the highest standards.

Karl Ullrich (owner/operator)