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Shimano Total Electric Power Systems (STEPS) has the power to take you places. 

But rather than pedaling for you, the STEPS system responds with power when you need it most, delivering more energy to every pedal stroke. With a range of up to 160km on a single charge, you’ll have more energy to explore, commute and arrive feeling refreshed.

Intelligent Drivetrain

Silent and lightweight drive unit anticipates your next move for a natural pedal feeling.

Powerful Battery

Ride up to 160km on a single charge. Quick charges and battery changes in seconds.

3 Powerful Assist Modes

Choose Eco, Normal, or High modes. Shift up or down on the go for a balanced ride or a better workout.

The High-End E-Bike System

SHIMANO STEPS is a high-end e-bike component brand. They develop and produce a wide range of e-bike systems in their production facilities across the world. Over 160 bicycle brands are equipped with powerful mid-motors, long-range batteries, and cycling computers. So, whether you’re an adventurous mountain biker or urban commuter, there is always a STEPS electric-assisted bicycle for you.


City / Trekking

  • Strong yet intelligent pedalling support for a solid, natural feel.
  • Incredibly easy to operate.
  • Very durable to handle all weather conditions.

High quality Li-Ion battery with a very long life!

  • Large battery capacity to cover more territory.
  • Supported travel up to 180km on one charge.
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss.

Sleek bar-mounted cycling computer with easy-to-read high-contrast display.

  • Computer functions include speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication.
  • Accurate, reliable, supple switching between all three power-assist modes regardless of weather conditions.

Lightweight, sleek, modern design drivetrain using SHIMANO’s proven system engineering.

Navigate the city.


City / Trekking

  • Durable for all weather conditions
  • Drive unit saves 20% energy (vs E6000) for increased range
  • In Start Mode (Di2 only), bike automatically shifts down to a low gear as you stop, preparing you for an easy start

Fast-charging, high capacity Li-Ion battery

  • Supported travel up to 180km on a single charge
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss
  • Quick charging time for those who are always on the go

 Info display

  • 4 display options
  • Option 1: Sleek, bar-mounted, easy-to-read display with functions including speed, distance, trip time, clock, gear, estimated range, battery indication
  • Option 2: Via junction, can be wirelessly partnered using ANT or Bluetooth with your smartphone app for a more personalized experience
  • Option 3: Via junction, can be wirelessly connected with one of the 3rd party displays from Garmin or SIGMA
  • Option 4: Junction only with LED which shows green or red to reflect battery life and support mode so all focus remains on the ride

Take the long way home.


E-Mountain Bike

  • Compact drive unit for natural pedalling feeling with more obstacle clearance
  • Fully customizable, nearly silent support
  • Narrow Q-Factor for a natural riding feel with power-assist on or off
  • Rigidly built for solid power transfer
  • Lightweight fully integrated drivetrain for increased responsiveness
  • Low profile for offroad riding

Lightweight, low profile display that’s designed for offroad riding.

  • Bluetooth LE / ANT
  • Wirelessly customize your preferences from smartphone or tablet using E-TUBE app

Superb ergonomic fingertip shifting of support settings and gearing that’s simple and easy to operate.

  • Left-hand control set up for switching support settings
  • Right-hand control for switching gears 

Ultra-durable, powerful, long-lasting Li-Ion battery.

  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss
  • Quick charging time
  • 418 Wh or 504 Wh battery, internal or external (depending on bike brand/model)

 Off-Road Adventures.


E-Mountain Bike

  • Weighs only 6.2lbs
  • Stable, smooth intuitive power for improved bike handling over every section of trail.
  • E-MTB specific Deore XT crankset. Shorter 165 mm crank arm minimizes pedal strikes to maintain smooth cadence and motor assistance.

Compact, easy-to-read display with dynamic visuals when switching between support settings.

  • Dynamic, Explorer or Custom Mode to perfectly match your riding style and intended terrain.
  • Sleek bar-mounted computer with dynamic LCD display shows gear number, power assist mode and battery range information.
  • Wirelessly customise your preferences via Bluetooth.

Ultra-durable, powerful battery specially designed for the rigours of mountain biking.

  • High capacity long-lasting Li-Ion battery of 504 Wh to cover more territory.
  • Supported travel up to 100km on one charge.
  • 1,000 charge cycles with no significant power loss.

Extreme MTB riding.

8 good reasons for choosing an e-bike with STEPS:

  1. Setting a standard for sustainable mobility: Who needs a car in the big city?
  2. E-bikes are available to suit every need, age and taste.
  3. E-bikes are trendy - a modern status symbol for people who are really going places.
  4. The drive units - powerful, lightweight and quiet mid-drive motors are barely noticeable.
  5. Enjoy gentle acceleration: E-bikes offer a natural riding sensation.
  6. The support compensates for differences in ability - ideal for family excursions.
  7. E-bikes are perfect for commutes of under 25 kilometres. Traffic jams and trying to find a parking spot? No thanks!
  8. You can rely on Shimano STEPS e-bike drives and the associated batteries and on-board computers. #obbapproved

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