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Rental Rules & Reservation

Due to Covid-19, our rental program is temporarily suspended. We hope to resume the program again, shortly.  Please check back for updates.


1. You have to sign a waiver to make the lawyers happy.

2. Anyone under 19 years old needs a parents’ or guardian’s permission and signature.

3. You have to be 16 years of age or older to rent an e-bike.

4. You are responsible for the bike if it gets stolen.

5. You are responsible for any damage you do to the bike, including flats; we do thorough check-overs when the bike goes out and again when it comes back in.

6. You must obey all applicable laws while riding our bikes. This means you must wear a helmet, and you must have lights if you’re riding after dusk.

7. You’re responsible for bringing your own tools, tubes, pumps, water bottles, et cetera out on your rides. We do offer tool kits that include a pump, a tube, tire levers, and a multi-tool; there is no extra charge if you use the tube from the kit on a flat.

Reservation / Availability

If you wish to reserve a bike ahead of time, please send an email providing your height and weight and whether you need pedals to or give us a call +1 250 598 4111. We would recommend reserving in advance since we cannot guarantee availability for certain models at all times.


We sell our demo bikes / rental fleet at the end of the season. Usually they are aggressively priced. Please contact us if you are interested in any specific model by either calling the store +1 250 598 4111 or sending an email to

Contact Us

Phone: +1 250 598 4111
Store: 1990 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC