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 Hybrids & Commuter

Just as there is no one type of commute or commuter, there is no singular type of commuter bike. 

Your commuter bike has a job to do, and only you know what that job entails. So whether you need to get somewhere quickly, take your bike with you on the bus, or just sit up and wave to your neighbours on the way to pick up some morning croissants, you need the right bike, and we have a selection right here.


City streets are filled with unexpected obstacles, such as potholes, railway tracks and construction zones, that conspire to upset your ride at any moment. The Indie is designed to help modern cyclists navigate unexpected situations that otherwise make cycling in the city so exciting. Available in a variety of colours, every Indie looks right at home on the streets and delivers a fast, efficient and comfortable ride.

NORCO Indie Drop

Packed with features that make it perfect for a variety of rides and a design that’ll turn heads, the Indie Drop is confident around town, in the country and anywhere in between, delivering a fast, efficient, and comfortable ride. Weekend warriors, daily commuting to work or school, or even extended day-trips, the Indie Drop can wear many hats with its confident handling, wide array of accessory mounts, and slick, durable build.


FX Sport is where performance fitness bikes begin. A lightweight frame, 20-speed drivetrain, and a wealth of performance features give this fitness bike the capability to take on longer commutes and faster recreational rides without sacrificing the versatility that has made FX Trek’s best-selling lineup ever. One step up, the FX Sport 5 is a carbon fibre fitness bike.


FX Disc is a versatile hybrid bike that’s primed for performance, comfort, and utility. It has features like a lightweight aluminum frame, a carbon fork, and powerful disc brakes that stop in any weather. It’s a commuting pro if you want it to be, or the perfect fitness companion on pavement and rail trails.


The Norco Scene is the perfect solution – it’s a modern spin on the upright, casual hybrid bike with a step-thru design that’ll help you align with its laid-back personality. The Scene’s casual convenience is perfect for hauling any load – like groceries, kids’ seats, or Trail-a-Bikes and its 27.5" wheels and high-volume tires provide confident comfort and control.

NORCO Yorkville

The Yorkville combines an upright, comfortable riding position with a dash of speed that makes every ride enjoyable. This lightweight aluminum bike pedals up hills easily and corners beautifully thanks to the efficient road bike-sized wheels and a 21-speed drivetrain. Enjoy sure-stopping V-brakes and a plush seat, while the suspension seat post smoothes out the bumps along the way.


You’ve got places to go. The Loft is the reliable super commuter that will get you there. Explore the city’s ups and downs with a 7-speed internal gear hub, fenders, rear rack and lightweight but sturdy alloy frame.


The Townie Original comes fully equipped with Hub Dynamo powered front and rear bright LED lights and painted fenders to protect everybody from the elements.

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Here's a little help. We always encourage you to visit the store and try it out.

 Size Chart - Urban | Hybrids

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