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 E-Cargo Bikes

Whether you’re on the school run or picking up your Christmas tree, there’s a cargo bike to help you portage past rush hour.

The latest generation is more customizable and maneuverable than ever; e-assist and modular mounting systems mean today’s front loaders and longtails are increasingly viable trade-ins for your gas-guzzler. You are not stuck in traffic, you are traffic. Ride a bike, break free!


Challenging environments and heavy loads are no match for the uncompromising and award-winning Boost E. This compact and extremely sturdy Etility bike is always ready for the next adventure – close to home or far from civilization. The rigid aluminum frame and big 24” x 2.6” custom tires combine with the Bosch Performance Line/CX motor and ergonomic handlebar design lets you ride with purpose without sacrificing comfort and maneuverability. And a smart, interchangeable rack and rail system lets you pick and choose from dozens of possible configurations to suit the mission. Capability meets versatility to make the Boost E the choice of professional rescue teams, adventurists, bike couriers and everyday suburban explorers.

YUBA Spicy Curry

With a ton of torque and responsive software, the award-winning Spicy Curry electric cargo bike is perfect for steep hills or long-distance trips. It comes standard with a state-of-the-art Bosch eBike performance system capable of serious climbing and unparalleled range. It features a low-rider cargo rack and a 20-inch rear wheel to lower the bike’s centre of gravity and provide a stable and safe platform for your payload. You can mount both child seats, seat pads, and mini hold-on bars for added security. It hauls 300 lbs of cargo PLUS the rider.


How do I move my family? How do I do it quickly, efficiently and sustainably? A second car in this city will only result in more time stuck in traffic. Public transport does not get you where you want to be. With the range and freedom this bike offers you we believe you have found your answer. The children’ seating position is lower than in other cargo bikes, rendering the Family with an overall lower centre of gravity. This has a positive effect on the way in which the bike adheres to the road. It also increases the stability you experience while riding it. The EPP box is made from the same material as you find inside motorcycle helmets. A light frame, electric pedal assistance in four speeds and a clever design guarantee a most pleasant riding experience. It is cycling the way you are used to, with agility and comfort. With the optional extra front bench, rain cover or maxi-cosi adapter you can tune your bike to match your family’s needs.


This bike is a trustworthy asset to your company for years. All Urban Arrows have a sturdy and light aluminum frame. Take care of your Cargo and it will reward you for it! Urban Arrow Cargo bikes are ideal for your last mile logistics. With its supreme agility, Bosch electric pedal assist motor and wide range of options the Cargo has proven to be the perfect replacement for the delivery van. The ride is super smooth thanks to the NuVinci stepless gear system and your sense of balance is positively influenced by the Cargo’s low centre of gravity. From 70 up to 2500 litres of cargo space. Whether you are carrying a light load, have to keep it cool, warm or need to transport large volumes; Urban Arrow offers a fitting solution for your inner city transport - it goes well with Christmas trees, too.

Are you interested in buying a cargo bike?

Try it out, take it home, chauffeur the kids. We have a Benno Boost E and an Urban Arrow flatbed in our demo fleet. We’ll even bring the bike to you and pick it up when you’re done. 
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