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Electric-assist bikes are nothing short of amazing. 

Imagine technology that would allow a non-golfer to play shot for shot with a semi-pro. Or, being a 50-minute 10km runner and going out with your super fit friend to put in a 35-min 10km run. 

It doesn’t exist for any activity, except cycling.

It’s not about speed or as little effort as possible. It’s about inclusion and participation. It’s about equality and sharing. 

Oak Bay Bicycles has introduced more people to e-bikes than anyone on the island. Our demo on demand program is unique in North America. That’s right! Nobody else offers this, so it’s a big deal. 

Here’s what you should know: 120 years ago, lots of people in Victoria were trying a bike for the first time. Imagine being 30 years old and having seen only a few bikes, never mind having ridden one. The sheer rush of adrenaline and feeling of joy and freedom as the wind brushed your face and a grin creased your cheeks.  

That crazy sensation is only found when discovering something new: E-bikes are it!  No amount of talking, listening or reading compares to just 100 meters of riding.    

We have every style available: hybrid, road, mountain and cargo. All we ask is for you call us. We’ll bring it to you, show you how to use it and pick it up when you’re done.  

Or, come to one of our frequent demo locations 

No cost. No obligation.

If you read the bit on the home page about bikes changing our world, these are what we were talking about. 

Are you interested in buying an e-bike?

Try it out, take it home, integrate it in your routine. We’ll even bring the bike to you and pick it up when you’re done. 
No cost, no obligation.
Demo On Demand Program...

E-bikes come in all forms and shapes now – from commuters and hybrids, to full suspension mountain bikes, hardtails, road and cargo bikes. We carry a wide selection including brands like Cube, a German company rated highest in safety worldwide, Norco, Canadian West Coast designed and tested, Yuba, Urban Arrow, Benno and Babboe for all your cargo-hauling needs, Scott, engineered in Switzerland, Trek, Electra and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Systems Overview

There are different systems on the market using a mid-drive pedal-assist or a rear/front wheel assist motor. The rear/front wheel assist systems mostly give you the option of having a throttle so you don’t necessarily have to pedal. The motor is either in the front or the rear wheel (hub). Mid-drive systems like Bosch or Shimano STEPS provide power through the cranks of the bike and enhance your pedal stroke – so you must be pedalling to engage the assist.

We put together a brief overview of the Bosch and Shimano STEPS systems, outlining the basics of how they work.

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Oak Bay Bicycles Participating Retailer

Are you looking to get rid of your old gas-guzzler and decided to go “e” instead? Get $850 towards the purchase of an e-bike when you scrap your car (minimum retail price of $1,000).

The BC SCRAP-IT Program was launched in 1996 and 47,681 vehicles have been scrapped between then and December 2019.

How it works...

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