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Wonder what all the fuss is about? Experience the benefits of an e-bike! We'll bring the bike to you, show you how it works, and pick it up when you're done. No cost. No obligation. All at your convenience. It’s as easy as this:

  • You can find our demo fleet listed below
  • Give us a call or send us an email to arrange your FREE demo for a date and time that work for you
  • We'll bring the e-bike to you and show you how it works
  • You enjoy the ride – and experience all the benefits of an e-bike!
  • When you're done, we pick up the e-bike and bring it back to the shop.

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There are two different assist systems on the market: those that use a mid-drive pedal-assist or a wheel (hub) assist motor. Our demo fleet consists of primarily mid-drive systems from Bosch and Shimano. These provide power through the cranks of the bike and enhance your pedal stroke – so you must be pedaling to engage the assist. Below is a brief overview of both systems and which of our bikes use each. 


The Bosch mid-drive system is light weight, centrally located on the bike, and its direct power is extremely efficient. With 4 different drive units, and various battery options, Bosch makes systems for electric bikes designed for recreational riding, commuting, off road riding and even cargo bikes. In our demo fleet the following bikes use the Bosch system:


  • Electra Townie GO!
  • Electra Vale GO! 
  • Trek Verve +3
  • Trek Allant+ 7 


  • Benno E Boost
  • Urban Arrow E-Cargo Flatbed


  • Trek Powerfly LT 7


Shimano makes mid-drive systems for e-bike manufactures that are very lightweight and smooth riding. With the drive unit placed near the crank, the bicycle's centre of gravity is quite low. The 3 tiered controller system gives you the option to run low, medium or high assist levels, or run the bike without assist. Bikes in our fleet with the Shimano STEPS system:


  • Norco Scene VLT
  • Norco Indie VLT


  • Norco Fluid VLT
  • Norco Sight VLT 
  • Norco Range VLT